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Coyote Star Thief


Coyote Star Thief 

This illustration is part of my "Animals Are Magic" series. It is based on a Navajo creation story of how the milky way was formed. Once, the Black God was carefully arranging the star in the sky, one by one. They had to be exactly precise. The trickster Coyote watched and was annoyed by his slow progress. After waiting a while, the Coyote took the bag with the remaining stars and hurled them into the sky together, creating The Milky Way.

This is a giclée print of my original watercolor and ink painting. Each print comes hand signed and titled. 
Prints are packaged with a rigid backing board in a plastic sleeve and are ready to pop in a standard sized frame.

This print is available in three sizes: 5x7", 8x10", and 11x14" and as stationery.

©2017 Illustrations may not be altered or copied without prior permission from Danielle V. Green.

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